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Kelly is a speaker at heart.  She speaks with enthusiasm, passion and joy.  She is the ultimate Cheerleader of Faith!  Her greatest passion is to encourage other women to live out who God uniquely created them to be.

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Preventing Enemy Attack
Do you know the various ways the enemy steals your peace, purpose and power? He does it subtly and sneakily. It is not the blaring calls to sin that pull us away from God’s best. It is usually the stealth moves the enemy uses to draw us away from God.
 As Kelly shares her stories in this biblical, and straight-forward session, learn how:
– Your purpose is likely related to your greatest points of opposition
– God’s help is closer than you think.
– To implement practical daily techniques to fend away the enemy.
Jesus is victorious. Let Him help you fight your battles.
Fighting the Fears that Limit You
I always knew I was supposed to be – fearless. But, I couldn’t quite figure out how. Things never changed and I stayed much the same. The more I fought fear, the more I felt anxious because I wasn’t beating it. Many women are stuck in this endless cycle of fear-fullness today. With no way out. 
This talk, with stories of biblical love and encouragement, aims to help women:
– Identify the sources of their fear
– Find healing from Jesus
– See their issues from a new perspective.
– Gain hope in the midst of daunting situations
– Obtain how-to ideas for the moments when fear overwhelms.
If you fight fear in a moment, and you keep doing it, before you know it: you’ll become more and more fearless.
10 Battle Ready Tips to Keep You Strong and Steadfast During Trials
Are you prepared for the battles ahead? If you live life reactively, you’ll be thrown around left and right based on your emotions. However, if you proactively prepare you mind in advance, you’ll be ready. God gives us all the truth, power and ammunition in His Word to prevail during even the toughest of times. 
Find inspiration during Kelly’s stories and learn the Battle Ready Tips that will:
– Help you see things from God’s perspective rather than your own.
– Believe, past the threats of doubt.
– Encourage your heart so immensely, you’ll feel compelled by love instead of driven by fear.
– Bring wisdom and truth in your time of need.
Learn how to live victoriously during the hardest times of your life.
Train Your Mind To Conquer Challenges and Defeat Doubt
What if you could defeat your self-limiting thoughts? What if rather than feeling discouraged, doubtful and demotivated, because you’re not enough, you always fail, you can’t do anything right, you learned a new way? Jesus never spoke to himself this way. On the contrary, Jesus spoke with patience, power and purpose. We can learn to seize the mind of Christ, renew our mind and filter our thoughts the same way. 
Beyond this, we will also discover, through relevant and biblical stories, how to:
1. Reframe our situations to see the God-view
2. Discover how to redirect our thoughts to the good
3  Consider the purpose God made us for.
When Waiting feels Excruciating
One of the hardest things in life is waiting. In this place, it is easy to wonder if God will come through or if we’re going to be left on our own, to sink. It can be easy to feel all alone. It can be easy to struggle. We are usually all waiting for something: a kid to change, a husband to listen, a financial situation to come through. God has purpose in the place of these waits. Are we aware of it? 
Through biblical and applicable stories, discover how:
– Waiting is actually a time of blessing
– God brings hope to those in a wait
– How God revealed new life through my wait and He will with yours too
– This can be the greatest opportunity to be used by God to bless others
In Search of Love
Underneath it all, we all want to be loved. We are constantly on a search for it. I felt it at the tender age of childhood when my heart got broken. That memory never left me the same. It tore my insides and left a huge hole. Do you feel insignificant, unwanted, left behind or hurt. God has healing for your heart. He has lessons for your soul. He wants to refill you with the life you feel you lost.
With God at the center, in this talk, you’ll discover:
– How your hurts don’t define you.
– Why your new identitiy counts more than your old
– How to encounter real love that won’t let you down.

Kelly’s Speaking Reviews:

“Kelly is an energetic and moving speaker who presents Christ in ways that break through and touch hearts.   She reaches deep to illustrate the love of God in ways that leave women thirsting to know more.”
– Community Bible Study Teaching Director

“Kelly touched each woman in the room. Her message touched the “little girl” in all of us. Her delivery is exceptional; she is honest and candid. She is a very captivating speaker and her delivery is excellent. The listeners were applauding, she was so dynamic! She totally left us feeling so encouraged!”
– Community Bible Group Leader

“Kelly exhibits a passionate fervor for Jesus that is contagious the minute you meet her! She has a real love for the women she ministers to, and a joy that bubbles over in her speaking and writing!  Kelly speaks with relevancy and a ton of heart! She will challenge your thinking and lead you to the Savior’s gentle arms.”
– Hope Church, Womens Ministry Leader

“Kelly was open and honest, vulnerable and spirit-filled in the presentation of her thoughts surrounding serving our Lord.  It was inspired!  It inspired me to stop judging my offerings as meager and sit in expectation of what God might do with my obedience.  Thank you Kelly for touching me personally and touching the ministry of Young Lives with your presentation!”
– Young Lives Committee Chair

“Kelly Balarie is a special gift of a person.  She is a mom of two young children, with relatable advice that points our eyes to Jesus.  I am beyond thankful to know her and have been blessed to hear her speak meaningful messages that sink right into your soul!  Thanks for what you do, Kelly!”
– Hope Church, MOPS Director

“Kelly came to our MOPS (Mothers of preschoolers) meeting to speak about all the craziness being a mom of littles entails.  All I can say is that GOD showed up.  His truth was spoken through the vulnerability of Kelly to the ladies in our group, each one was touched by her words and encouraged to know that she is the daughter of the King of Kings. The only way to walk through the days of applesauce smeared on our shirts and legos killing our feet is to have the strength of God pulling us through. Kelly spoke this truth to the ladies and we are so grateful for the time she spent with us!”
– Grace Church, MOPS Director

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  • Hey Kelly – I am interested in getting some information on booking you for a Women’s event in East TN. We do a bimonthly Ladies event for our community, called Live It Up, Ladies Night Out.

  • We are a small church in Gloucester MA but love our women and our community. We hold events to bring them hope and strength and help as they walk for, with and to Jesus. I would love information on how to have you come to us. We are self-supporting with our team of 9 usually footing the bill, so first I would need the expense reality. I have already pre-ordered you new book and love the other , Fear Fighting, and have gifted it to many in our community.
    Love you daily “purpose”. You are a blessing to us here in the East!
    I look forward to hearing from you! Blessings Nancy

  • Hi Kelly, I live in Industry, PA and would love to bring my daughter to hear you speak. She is very depresses, she lost her boyfriend to suicide a couple years ago (Sept. 29) and has never gotten over it. She has resorted to pills, and became addicted, went to two rehabs and is STILL struggling! Please put her on a prayer list if you can. Hannah is 24, will be 25 on Sept. 17th. She has a 3 year old son who she loves dearly but cannot give him all that love until she gets over this dark place she is in. I have tried every avenue to reach her but ONLY GOD can do that. Thank you so much! I’ve released my child to Jesus. Amen

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