Purposeful Faith


Kelly is a speaker at heart.  She speaks with enthusiasm, passion and joy.  She is the ultimate Cheerleader of Faith!  Her greatest passion is to encourage other women to live out who God uniquely created them to be.

Her Speaking Topics Include:

  • Longing for Love – How to Find Love from the Greatest Lover of All
  • Moving Past the Past
  • Behind my Closet Doors I am a Mess
  • Beating Insecurity with our Eternal Security
  • Facing Fears to Find Freedom
  • Letting go of the 3 C’s – Comparing, Competing and Condemning
  • Beating the Thoughts that Hold you Captive
  • Letting Go of Distraction to find Satisfaction
  • Living like you are More than a Conqueror

Kelly’s Speaking Reviews:

“Kelly is an energetic and moving speaker who presents Christ in ways that break through and touch hearts.   She reaches deep to illustrate the love of God in ways that leave women thirsting to know more.”
– Community Bible Study Teaching Director

“Kelly touched each woman in the room. Her message touched the “little girl” in all of us. Her delivery is exceptional; she is honest and candid. She is a very captivating speaker and her delivery is excellent. The listeners were applauding, she was so dynamic! She totally left us feeling so encouraged!”
– Community Bible Group Leader

“Kelly exhibits a passionate fervor for Jesus that is contagious the minute you meet her! She has a real love for the women she ministers to, and a joy that bubbles over in her speaking and writing!  Kelly speaks with relevancy and a ton of heart! She will challenge your thinking and lead you to the Savior’s gentle arms.”
– Hope Church, Womens Ministry Leader

“Kelly was open and honest, vulnerable and spirit-filled in the presentation of her thoughts surrounding serving our Lord.  It was inspired!  It inspired me to stop judging my offerings as meager and sit in expectation of what God might do with my obedience.  Thank you Kelly for touching me personally and touching the ministry of Young Lives with your presentation!”
– Young Lives Committee Chair

“Kelly Balarie is a special gift of a person.  She is a mom of two young children, with relatable advice that points our eyes to Jesus.  I am beyond thankful to know her and have been blessed to hear her speak meaningful messages that sink right into your soul!  Thanks for what you do, Kelly!”
– Hope Church, MOPS Director

“Kelly came to our MOPS (Mothers of preschoolers) meeting to speak about all the craziness being a mom of littles entails.  All I can say is that GOD showed up.  His truth was spoken through the vulnerability of Kelly to the ladies in our group, each one was touched by her words and encouraged to know that she is the daughter of the King of Kings. The only way to walk through the days of applesauce smeared on our shirts and legos killing our feet is to have the strength of God pulling us through. Kelly spoke this truth to the ladies and we are so grateful for the time she spent with us!”
– Grace Church, MOPS Director

Upcoming Speaking Events:

Northeast District Conference, Association of Gospel Rescue Missions – Oct. 3

Women’s Night Out, Celebration Church, TN – November 8, 2016

Women’s Retreat, TX – Jan. 2017

Awakening Courage Event, Northeast, CT – March, 2017

Awakening Courage Event, FL- March, 2017


Contact Kelly:

kelly balarie at gmail.com

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